Immediate loans even to protesters and bad payers

Immediate loans even to protesters and bad payers

Are immediate loans possible even to protesters and bad payers ? When we talk about fast and very fast loans, we usually refer to personal loans provided within a day or two at most of the time the documentation was delivered: indeed, finding loans to bad payers and complained in 24 hours is not so obvious, since the reports at the end-to-end knowledge company or the Register of Protests represent an obstacle to the provision of capital by banks and financial institutions, however the credit market has prepared a package of offers that allow immediate loans to be obtained even to protesters and bad payers through the web: online loans, in fact, allow you to combine speed and savings, meeting those who need immediate liquidity, although the interest rate for bad payers and protesters could be higher than the average.

Immediate loans: what actual timing?

Many of you readers will be wondering if the advertised timing for immediate loans to protesters and bad payers are really the real ones and it is not pure marketing to attract customers: well, a definitive answer in this sense is not easy to provide, a lot depends on the financial company that is in front of us, and certainly other variables come into play as the amount requested (the lower it is the lower the degree of risk for the bank, and therefore it also increases the speed) and the mode operating on the financial network itself. However in general we can say that if one day appears to be actually complicated as a deadline to be respected, at least for the total amount that can be financed, providing the capital within 48 hours from the complete receipt of the requested documentation is a consolidated practice for several companies operating in the online sector.

Fast loans for protesters and bad payers: the interest rate

immediate loans protested bad payers

It is at this point that we question the actual convenience of these immediate loans for protesters and bad payers : considering that it is quite complicated for those who have had financial problems to access credit, it would be somewhat utopian to think of being able to obtain financing at an equal interest rate to that of a customer without negative reports: in the logic of the credit institutions to reduce the risk levels of a loan it is inevitable that above all the APR, the Annual Global Effective Rate which includes all the costs and charges connected to the disbursement of the loan, may know a rise compared to the average, perhaps because they impact the costs of a mandatory insurance to protect the credit, or because the same interest on the capital is pushed to high levels. Generally the interest rate of an immediate loan is around 17 percent, fixed for the entire amortization period, with repayment plans of variable duration. To assess the actual convenience of a fast loan to protested online, it is advisable to get more quotes from different companies and compare the rates and financial conditions proposed, so as to choose the offer with the greatest savings possible.


The simplest and most direct way to obtain immediate loans, even for protesters and bad payers, is to turn to companies that operate online and offer a salary-backed loan, a particular type of personal loan that provides for a repayment method by withholding the monthly payment of depreciation directly on the salary or pension received by the debtor. To access the fifth assignment, the requisites are being

  • Public sector employee with permanent contract
  • Employee of the private sector with a permanent contract
  • Employee public or private employee with a fixed-term contract, with the limitation of the amortization plan that cannot exceed the expiry of the employment contract itself
  • Holders of retirement benefits, excluding pensions and social allowances, civil disability, integrated pensions of at least 500 euros per month

Individuals and freelancers cannot have access to the fifth sale without VAT, without the guarantee of the pay slip or pension slip.

Immediate loans for autonomous protesters

Given the impossibility of accessing the salary or pension salary, we specify that it is extremely difficult to obtain immediate loans for bad payers and autonomous protesters, officially no financial company agrees to provide such a loan, however if you have a guarantor very solid financially and reliably from the financial point of view, grants may be sought, but the margins of success are very limited. As an alternative for the autonomous with problems of access to credit there are the loans with bills of exchange, reserved for those who for various reasons cannot obtain a traditional personal loan.

Immediate loan offers for bad payers

Let us now see a series of offers of immediate loans for bad payers and protested disbursements by means of the sale of the fifth, financial companies that operate on the Net in a prevalent or exclusive manner, in total safety of the sensitive data inserted by the customers. Among the various online credit institutions that offer this type of financing we have:

  • Dynotell, which offers from 2,500 to 50,000 euros, with the possibility of paying an advance in 24 hours. Also possible loans with bills of exchange
  • Multicredit Italy, which also proposes the lowest possible rate and a down payment in advance of the sum to protested and bad payers. Also offered the renewal of the sale of the fifth
  • ItalyVest, which proposes not only the sale of the traditional fifth but also the consolidation of debts for the seized with the same reimbursement formula, in order to eliminate the attachment and also obtain new liquidity
  • centibank offers fast online loans through various intermediary companies also for protesters and bad payers, with salary assignment, delegation of payment for employees and debt consolidation

These are just a few examples of financial companies that offer immediate loans even to protesters and bad payers, but by searching on the web you can find numerous institutions that operate online that help those who had previous financial problems to find a loan.

Possibility of mini loan

A final consideration we can make about immediate loans in 24 or 48 hours, even for protesters and bad payers, is to see, if little liquidity is sought, if a mini loan or small loan can be obtained, depending on how it is defined by single credit institution, which offer amounts that can be financed from a minimum of 500 euros to a maximum of 5,000 euros in the form of rechargeable credit cards or a credit line connected to the current account, in which the capital increases every time you proceed to amortization, which generally involves very short periods. An optimal solution for small amounts, which is now offered by most credit institutions and financial companies operating on the national market.

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